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A Win-Win Collaboration

Early connection with an elite group of students through HKUST's innovative Technology & Management Dual Degree Program (T&M-DDP). Many businesses find it a challenge to locate and then compete for top and all-rounded graduates who can fit the company's culture and create value. The T&M's win-win corporate program puts you in touch with the young high flyers of the future, enabling you to build early bonds and groom prospective employees.

Benefits to Companies
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  • Early connection with elite students for future recruitment and a cost-effective way to assess corporate match
  • Enhance corporate presence and image in the university community
  • Relieve workload of your staff during expansion and facilitates extension of business activities
  • Collaboration with world-class faculty on the latest technological and business developments
Benefits to Students
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  • Enhance knowledge of different professions for better future career plan
  • Acquire solid working experience
  • Learn from experienced people in business and industry
  • Improve professionalism and encourage a positive attitude in the workplace
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Prof. Betty Lin
Prof. Betty Lin
Co-organizer of the Competition, Associate Director from T&M Dual-Degree Program at HKUST

The opportunity to co-mentor high-potential students from universities around the world in a multi-disciplinary setting is an extremely rewarding and enriching experience, despite the non-stop schedule!”