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Intended Learning Outcomes of T&M-DDP Students

Going beyond traditional boundaries and answering the need for innovative vision in the workplace, T&M-DDP students are trained to analyze issues from technological and business viewpoints and accumulate wide-ranging experience of how the world works, gaining much more than two degrees. 

T&M-DDP Students are expected to

  • adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to tackle complex real-world problems;
  • communicate effectively with people of different levels and work areas;
  • transfer acquired knowledge to meet changes and challenges in different fields;
  • engage in activities that lead to impact of social improvement; 
  • have the ability to create and innovate with divergent thinking;
  • be able to apply technical and business skills in an integrated manner to solve interdisciplinary problems;
  • be a leader in the field of technology management and innovation and entrepreneurship.

* Degree-specific ILOs are given in the ILOs of the respective BEng/BSc and BBA degree programs, please kindly refer to the website of the respective department

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